NonProfit Spotlight: TeamCindy

On the morning of April 23, 2007, Cynthia Lynn Sherwin left her Lower East Side apartment for what would be a characteristically busy day. Her typical day started with an early morning cycle ride, a packed schedule of clients throughout the day, and perhaps a run in Central Park late in the afternoon. An experienced marathon and triathlon competitor — who ran the New York Marathon five times and competed in numerous triathlons — Cindy was training for her first Ironman. But this wasn’t to be a typical day for Cindy. Midway through her morning training ride on Riverside Drive, Cindy Sherwin suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and died suddenly at the young age of 33. TeamCindy™ was founded in 2008 by Cindy’s Mom, Elaine Schaller, and a group of athletes. Their mission was simple: raise money for brain aneurysm research. Today TeamCindy™  is a successful fundraising arm of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF), the nation’s premier nonprofit organization solely dedicated to providing critical awareness, education, support, and research funding to reduce the incidence of brain aneurysms. The events held by TeamCindy™ have raised more than half a million dollars and finance two annual research grants in keeping with the BAF mission: The Cynthia Lynn Sherwin Chair of Research Grant and the TeamCindy – Escape from Alcatraz Chair of Research Grant. Awareness and research are critical to save and improve lives impacted by this silent killer:  About 1 in 50 people in the U.S. will develop a brain aneurysm during...

Brands Take A Stand

One of the most difficult tasks in business is getting a first time customer. You’ve created a valuable product or a much needed service, but now you need that new customer to take a chance on your business. And why would they? Every day brings more bad news about the world we live in. And customers aren’t just asking what they can do about it, but what is your business doing? In 2018, Edelman conducted a study into what customers really thought about businesses taking a stand on social issues. What they found might shock you:  64% of customers identified as belief-driven buyers, in other words, 1 in 2 customers Belief driven buyers are majority in every market, age group and income level Of belief-driven buyers, 67% bought a brand for the first time because of its position on a controversial issue.  Of belief-driven buyers, 65% will not buy a brand because it stayed silent on an issue it had an obligation to address We live in a world where customers believe that brands have an obligation to make a positive impact. How is your brand making its stance known?

Social Imperium is Now Partnered With Purpose

It has been ten years since we came together to provide clients with the vital services and support necessary to make their businesses grow while making the world a better place. For the past year, we’ve been putting our heads together to re-imagine how we can communicate our value to our clients while still being the same innovative and socially responsible organization we have always been.  To that end, we decided to change our name and look to one that more accurately conveys the value we bring to your organization and to social causes around the world. Social Imperium is now Partnered With Purpose. We feel this name reflects our mission to work with you as collaborators and reflects our mission to bring positive change with every project we do.  We hope you love our new look and name just as much as we do. Please bookmark us so you can follow along on our adventures!

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